The required input to make a PIN challenge attempt for a user. e.g. for a six digit PIN of 987654, this might request the 1st and 3rd digits.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • input PinChallengeAttempt {
  • # ┬áThe value of the first requested PIN digit. e.g. if the 1st digit is requested,
  • # firstPinDigit should be set to "9"
  • firstPinDigit: String!
  • # ┬áThe value of the second requested PIN digit. e.g. if the 3rd digit is
  • # requested, secondPinDigit should be set to "7"
  • secondPinDigit: String!
  • # The session token returned from the PinChallenge
  • sessionToken: String!
  • }