A simple Ethereum transaction input.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • input EthereumTransactionInput {
  • # The address this transaction is directed to OR the ERC20 token recipient
  • to: String!
  • # The TrustVault supported asset you are trying to send. For Ether set this to
  • # "ETH" for ERC20 token, set this to the TrustVault token symbol. (See docs for
  • # supported tokens)
  • assetSymbol: String!
  • # For ETH, the value of ETH to send with this transaction in WEI, for ERC20, the
  • # value in base unit. e.g. for a token with 6 decimal places, to send 1 token
  • # specify 1000000
  • value: String!
  • # The speed at which you want the network to accept the transaction. This a
  • # dynamic value for the gasPrice and helps determine the fee. The fee is charged
  • # by the network in ETH. This value is included in the total amount of the
  • # transaction. Defaults to MEDIUM
  • speed: TransactionSpeed
  • # Decimal Integer (as String) of the gasPrice used for each paid gas in WEI (e.g.
  • # 40000000). This value is calculated dynamically using the MEDIUM
  • # TransactionSpeed if the value is not explicitly set
  • gasPrice: String
  • # Decimal Integer (as String) of the gas Limit allowed for the transaction
  • # execution (.e.g 21000 for ETH transfer). Defaults to an estimate value from the
  • # network
  • gasLimit: String
  • # The address the transaction is sent from (This must be owned by the user whose
  • # authentication tokens you are using)
  • fromAddress: String!
  • }