Getting Started


To get started using Trust API you need to do the following

  1. Complete the API Onboarding
  2. Download our Postman Collection
  3. Decide whether you want to create transactions with the API and:
    1. sign transactions on the phone
    2. sign transactions with the API

Sign Transactions with the iPhone

Use postman CreateTransaction Mutations to create all the transactions and sign them via the TrustVault App.

Transactions created via the API will appear in the inbox of the TrustVault app for signing.

Sign Transactions with the API

Users that wish to hold their own Instruction Key in order to sign programmatically will need to do the following (this will remove the iPhone as the signing device):

  1. Register your new Private/Public Instruction Key (by changing your wallet policy)

Users will now need to sign all transactions with the new Instruction Key.

  1. JavaScript example of Sending a BTC transaction with the new Instruction Key.