Trustology API Documentation

Currently we are offering two of our APIs here but there are more to come.

The APIs on offer are:

  1. trust-sign
  2. trust-api


trust-sign is a low level API for communicating with our core infrastructure for creating BIP32 wallets and the associated access control policies. The API is designed for low level interactions and is best suited to those who have reasonable knowledge of cryptography and digital signatures. It has no chain specific knowledge and operates on the cryptographic curves supported and signs arbitrary data. It allows:

  1. creation of BIP32 wallets and keys within
  2. updating of policies associated with BIP32 wallets
  3. signing of transactions

Using this API will require the caller have responsibility for things such as:

  1. keeping track of mapping of wallet accounts to users accounts
  2. gathering device signatures for submitting transactions
  3. constructing the low level transaction data for signing
  4. passing the transactions to the appropriate chains

It is not recommended for most applications.


The trust-api is a higher-level API for detailing with TrustVault. TrustVault is the application that manages user accounts, wallet accounts and includes an iOS App to help users create and send signatures.

Currently, the trust-api offers a subset of APIs with many more coming later.

Please check out our Tutorials on how to use the trust-api